I’m Just Getting Warmed Up.
My Golden Life, Health and Business FIT-LOSOPHY

I’m pretty damn passionate about helping women take total control over their lives. Not just one area, every area. I’ve had the blessing of building my business around my dream life instead of building a life around a job.

And. So. Can. You.

I don’t have to know you to guess that it’s about time you started taking ownership for your life—if you’re not happy with what you see let’s change it. Together.

I believe that our lives are a product of our decisions not our circumstances, and with that in mind I help women create physical and financial wealth, freedom and joy, unapologetically, so they can show up in the world in a bigger and more audacious way.

So, if you have a healthy appetite for living
and you really want to get the most out of every minute, stick with me sister.

I’ve got your back (and backside)!

Too often I see women who take care of everyone but themselves. I want to see us do a better job collectively about encouraging each other to put our own oxygen masks on FIRST.

Because we can’t help others if we don’t feed ourselves inside and out first.

I know because I tried and I crumbled in the process. I let the weight of stress, financial ruin, poorly managed relationships and a job that didn’t light me up, steal my sparkle and joy.

The key word there is “I” let it happen. Until one day when I decided it was time to shed the weight—both literally and figuratively. I’ve been on that journey ever since and along the way

I’ve found freedom in every sense of the word.


So – Are you LONGING for that?  Are you READY for that?

Check out my Fit-losophies

that have brought me such incredible freedom.

WARNING: They may cause incredible life change.


1. Spend the first few moments of the day—before your feet ever touch the ground—in total awe and gratitude of everything that’s right in the world. God won’t give you more if you can’t see the beauty in what you already have.

2. Go to bed every night exhausted and totally spent from living, loving, enjoying and creating magical moments.

3. Stop every now and then and allow yourself to be bewildered by the small stuff. Be that wide eyed girl that approaches life with intense curiosity and excitement.

4. Give audaciously whenever you have a chance. Give your time, knowledge, love and money. There’s always more where that came from!

5. Live life on your terms and by your priorities. There will always be people telling you what should be important to you. The word no is a very powerful and liberating word. Use it often.

body at work.

1. 80% of the time, eat to feel good. Not for those first 10 minutes of pleasure. Make sure what you’re eating is going to leave you feeling good 20 minutes after the meal is over.

2. Eat for vitality with a sprinkle of absurd pleasure in between. When you cheat, make it sinful and rare. That way you can truly enjoy the special moment (like a divine glass of wine with fettuccine alfredo… in Italy. It’s your world, sister!)

3. Remember that you don’t have to move your body for exercise, you get to. Live in gratitude for how your body can and will move, and move it often to show that gratitude in return.

4. Be still and do nothing so you can notice the wonders of the world. Take a deep breath and flood your body with rich oxygen. Feel gratitude for where you’ve been and excitement for where you’ll go.

5. Feeling fit feels good great. Set your goals on feeling proud and strong vs. comparing yourself to an airbrushed image that you’ll never be able to live up to.

how to think like a boss.

1. Stay hungry for knowledge. There’s nothing that hasn’t already been done before by someone else. If you can visualize it, there’s a book to help you on your way. Always keep an appetite for personal growth.

2. Average doesn’t look cute on you no matter how hard you try. Stop trying to fit into the masses when you were clearly born to stand out from the crowd. Shine, girl!

3. If you want a fire lit in your soul you better bring your own match to the party. No one is going to put the ambition and drive there for you.

4. If someone discourages your ambition give them the “What the F” look and walk away. Never apologize for your genius or sympathize with their ignorance. You are bigger than life and you should stay that way.

5. Put your blinders on and get to work. Jealousy and comparison are poisons that will rob you of your destiny.