Drop it
(those pounds, That job you hate) Like it’s hot
Raise your hand
If this sounds like you

• You crave freedom—in your time, your finances, your life.

• The idea of working when you want from wherever you want sounds like a freaking dream come true. (Perhaps sitting oceanside with your toes in the sand?)

• You want to be successful on your own terms and truly use your gifts to better people and the world.

• You are unapologetic, unstoppable, passionate and positive.

• You know your power and you don’t hesitate to take initiative.

• The word ‘limitless’ puts a huge smile on your face.

• The idea of linking arms with other game-changing individuals sounds like a dream you’d like to wake up to—every damn day.

If this is true for you,
then you already have what it takes
(Heart + Hustle)

You just need some help. You need some tools and a hardass, hard-assed mentor to guide you towards a passion-based business that will give you all of the above and more.

And that’s exactly what I’m here for. That’s what brings me joy and passion and freedom.

If that isn’t a perfect match I don’t know what is.
So how does it all work?

I’m here to teach you the basic skills you need to run your own successful coaching business—even if you have no previous experience. You’ll discover how your unique and kickass talents can be leveraged into a wildly lucrative and exciting career helping people learn to care for their bodies.

You’ll have the freedom to make it truly your business; one that you will want to shout from the rooftops.

Spoiler alert: that exact passion for life is what draws clients in and makes them want to take part in the journey; your journey.

Throught this intern coaching program you’ll get access to our exclusive, beautifully-structured training website plus a custom “Love Your Life” printable life planner that will help you map out the nitty gritty of launching your new business.

As an intern you’ll first work on yourself by getting started with some key Beachbody products to make sure that this is a brand that you can fully believe in and get behind.

From there I’ll train you on the basics of being a Beachbody coach—how to use the products, best practices for teaching others how they work, and ways to hold your clients accountable to their workouts through virtual accountability groups.

The coolest part? Your income is limitless. You can build whatever sort of business you want using our core revenue stream (things like 25% commissions + bonuses for team growth.)

Meet Andrea
Me in a nutshell

in 2014 I ranked the #23 most successful coach out of almost 300,000 coaches. This ranking is determined by the number of coaches that I personally help succeed in business so it’s something I’m very proud of. The people I mentor have soaring businesses and it provides a tremendous amount of pride knowing that I’m helping other people live their dreams, while I’m living mine. And that last part is how I got into this whole shebang.

Three years ago I was unhappy, unhealthy, uninspired, and up to my ears in debt. In just three years I was able to quite literally turn my life around. I paid of $100K of debt, I make multi-6 figure income, I TRAVEL, I am insanely happy, and I’m able to give back.

As a coach you can expect a tough-love, straight-shooting ass-pirational chick. I don’t mind speaking the hard truth because I know that I might possibly be the only person in your life doing so, and because I hate watching incredible people hold themselves back. I want to watch you dream bigger, live happier, and totally surprise yourself.

SO. Are you ready

SO. Are you ready to make a tremendous difference in the world and live a badass life in the process?

I thought so.

I only accept 10 new coach interns per month, so if you’d like to be considered (or just to find out more info) fill out the form below.