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What if I’m Not Enough?

14 years ago a baby was put in my arms and I just remember being terrified. What if I can’t protect him? What if I mess up? What if I’m not enough? Teen Pregnancy, Trying to Get it Together! I was still a kid trying to get my own life together and failing miserably. Dropped … Continued

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Enjoy the Journey to Success

Contrary to popular belief, the secret to success is NOT hard work. I know tons of GOOD people that work their ASSES off… and are broke. It’s about enjoying the journey toward success. Working hard doesn’t guarantee wealth. Work with vision, gratitude, intention and consistency if higher income is a goal of yours. Focus on … Continued

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Stop Hating, Start Loving

When we stop focusing on hating our bodies and shift our focus to just wanting to feel really fucking good everyday… our body starts to love us right back. Ya, know? Start loving your body!     I let a cross country move throw my schedule off and after a ton of eating out I … Continued

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Climbing the Corporate Ladder TURNED Momprenuer

I used to DREAM of climbing the corporate ladder but one day I looked into my bosses eyes and I saw something that scared me. That look changed how I lived. Just the journey of getting there was exciting to me. I’ve never been afraid of hard work WHEN I love what I’m doing. I … Continued

Sweet Potato Toast Recipe

I’m so proud of the fact that I can put a dish like this in front of my kids and they LIGHT up. This sweet potato toast is customizable to anyone’s tastebuds and so easy to make! It took patience to train their tastebuds (and ours) to enjoy meals without pastas and sugars. Sugar is … Continued