Divine Friendship + The Million Club

Wanna hear a story of divine friendship that lead us to the Million Club? Almost 6 years ago I had bought a burned copy of a home fitness program on Amazon in hopes I could get in super sexy shape before Jeremy Crowder came home from Afghanistan. I was on FB a few days a week and … Continued

Day 1: Here I Am

Here I am. Day 1. Post New Orleans. Ready to live my 80/20 rule.  20% New Orleans  80% greens greens greens and SWEATY AF GOT this sexy new program that gives me beautiful affirmations thru my workout. Pushes me. Doesn’t let me quit. And it’s super quick. Every spiritual mama’s dream when it comes to … Continued

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Manifesting Vibes

Crazy story… We’re at my fav restaurant celebrating some milestones and enjoying my sister’s last day in FL with us. I asked both girls, “what’s one thing you each want today that will raise your vibes?” Madison said without even thinking about it, “dessert.” Ok easy. But by the end of the meal we hadn’t … Continued

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The Best Heels Are Comfy & Sassy

If you ever want a sassy but COMFY pair of heels, Gianni Bini is where I’d look first. The souls feel like memory foam. I have to speak on stage on Thursday and will be on and off the stage for 4 hours so I can’t afford to fuck around with painful heels. These are always a … Continued

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How did you do it?

If you want to truly change your life stop asking people for handouts and start asking them “How’d you do it?” Coming from someone that has gone from broke to blessed I realized that in order for me to have the freedom I craved I had go learn from others who had what I wanted. … Continued