What’s your Vision?

What’s your Vision? Madison decided she’s taking daddy’s side of the bed till he gets home. The other night she curled up next tome and described to me this vision she had of someday having her own family. I asked her what her husband will be like. Tall Handsome Kind Good cook Loves football Good … Continued

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This is 35

This is embarrassing… If I’m being honest… I haven’t worked out in 2 weeks.  I mean… not an OFFICIAL workout. I’d like to think carrying furniture upstairs preparing for flooding counts, right?  After evacuating FL for IRMA I got off schedule and then got sick. (Excuses) Yesterday I turned 35 which I’m kind of really excited about. I … Continued

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Bday Surprise — Best of the Best Friends

Finally sitting down after spending all day putting our home back together and reflecting on the last week. Hurricane Irma forced us from our homes but my friends found a way to make it special by using the time to celebrate my bday a little early. (It’s on the 19th so don’t worry… still time … Continued

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Happy Birthday Month, Virgo Babes!

Happy Birthday, Virgo Babes! A virgo doesn’t just talk about it… they do it.  Virgos love tough problems  They are sensitive and emotional (even if they don’t show it)  Virgos get frustrated by incompetence and stupidity  We have a wild side that few get to see  We have strong opinions and aren’t afraid to voice … Continued