Hey Gorgeous!
I’m Andrea Crowder.

I teach women how to create physical and financial wealth, freedom, and joy unapologetically—so you can show up in the world in a bigger and more audacious way. I live an insanely amazing life.


(Just some of my favorite F words.)

These were not words I would’ve used to describe myself or my life just a few years ago.

It was more like doughy, down, and in debt.

Three years ago I was stressed and going through what I refer to as my quarter life crisis. I was suffocating under a pile of six figures of debt and just sick and tired of the constant struggle to make ends meet and do something that brought me joy.

I knew I was missing something but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. You know that feeling?

I had this romantic idea of a life where I could come and go and I pleased. Coffee dates with my girlfriends discussing ideas of how we could live better and make an impact on others. Traveling the world! Tasting Italian wine…in Italy. Raising children who are cultured and well traveled. Enjoying a career that allowed me to wake up each day and be present in my family’s lives. Dates with my husband where we could enjoy a meal that didn’t involve whispering to each other about ordering entrees that we could barely afford…. instead whispering sweet nothings to each other and just focusing on our relationship and love.

This sounded CRAZY… at the time. Normal moms who work normal jobs can’t live like that. Until I realized…WE CAN. My life’s transformation started with my own physical transformation. In an attempt to surprise my husband when he came home from deployment, I spent 60 days getting my ass kicked in a home fitness program called Insanity. I went from a size 8 to a size 4 and I barely recognized myself.

Some random,
totally insignificant
facts about me:

  • I sneeze when I pluck my left eyebrow.
  • I love Jesus but I cuss a little.
  • One day God asked me to give all my money away…and I did. (Read more)
  • I used to be an honorary boy scout. (It’s a long story.)
  • I’ve started four degree programs and I still don’t have an AA.
  • I’m a creative and get distracted easily. (See previous statement.)
  • Wait, what was I talking about again?
  • I love using F words.
It was like being introduced to an entirely
new woman. I was like “Hi, I really like you."
Coincidentally my husband did too.

But that wasn’t the best part. The real, addictive joy kicked in when I started sharing what was working for me and getting other loved ones in on the action. So when I heard that Beachbody—the company that created Insanity—had an income opportunity for coaches, I jump-squatted at the chance.

And today, three years since that moment, we’ve paid off that enormous debt in its entirety. I currently make a multi-6 figure income doing work that lights a fire in my soul.

Since starting my business I’ve been lucky enough to be trained by people like Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, Marie Forleo and Bo Eason, and my job has afforded us trips to places like New York, Cancun, Caribbean cruises, and soon, my dream trip to Italy with Mi Amoré.

I empower people to say no to average, mediocre, and mainstream so that we can say YES to the life we were born to live.

I learned to say no at a very early age. My grandmother was one of the strongest and most influential female figures in my life, aside from my mother. She taught me self love, self care and to nurture relationships with other strong women.

I have this memory of her explaining the significance of a woman feeling confident in her ability to use the word “no.” As she spoke, she rolled down the windows of the car, entered on to the freeway and made me not just say, not yell…but scream the word “nooooo” until we frightened the wind, until it didn’t feel foreign or uncomfortable anymore, until the word had confidence, power and significance.

That word set me FREE. Now, I get to confidently introduce myself with:

Hi, I’m Andrea Crowder, Co-Founder of misFIT REPublic and contributing author to 101 Secrets of Untamed Entrepreneurs Revealed. I’ve officially fired my boss to stand up as the CEO in my own coaching business.

I’m insanely passionate about helping other women shed the weight that’s holding them back (figuratively, literally or both) so we can show up in the world in a bigger and more audacious way.

My journey wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies. I kept my corporate job for a while until I made enough to compensate. I had a life-changing spiritual experience that turned what started as an ego-driven venture into a beautiful, purpose-driven co-creation with God. Read more about “The day God asked me to give all my money away.”

This breakthrough didn’t just change the heart of my career, it changed the entire course. After realigning with a deeper purpose, I went from making pennies in my business to a 5 figure monthly income, allowing me to finally quit my corporate job.

This also enabled us to fully pay off that $100k of debt, live a life of true joy and freedom, and introduced me to my new motto: “Make money and make a difference.”
Today, 10% of all my gross income is used to support Kingdom causes like www.feedingamerica.org and Tabitha’s Orphans Fund (you learn more about that whole story on my Giving Back page).
I’m definitely not here to tell you it’s easy.

I’m not here to feed you any of the glossy, photoshopped BS that the fitness world spews on the daily.

I’m here to show you that it’s not about getting rich quick, it’s about getting real, getting to work, and getting the life you’ve always wanted. And then never looking back.

So whether your breakthrough needs to happen on the scale, or in your career, or botH…

I’m your gal.