Put your stuck down.
flip it & reverse it….in just 21 days.
Know what’s the absolute worst?

The dizzying amount of weight loss options out there; taunting and overwhelming.

Trying to understand paleo, gluten free, vegan, macro nutrients, carbohydrates, “healthy fats,” protein, and calories without your head exploding.

Attempting to learn a workout at the gym, in front of a bunch of sweaty strangers (keyword ‘attempting’).

Waking up with great intentions but going to bed full of regret.

Seeing that same reflection in the mirror — and feeling her same fears inside.

So wouldn’t it be kinda life changing if there were a way to figure it all out at your own pace, with exciting, doable workouts led by a friendly pro plus a pre-done meal plan with a simple portion control container system?

Oh and the ability to say YES to WINE AND CHOCOLATE AND CHEESE without it being a guilty binge? So that the guesswork is gone and the RESULTS can come dancing in?!

Well obviously I set you up for that because that’s exactly what my 21 Day Challenge entails.
The 21 Day Challenge
has your name written all over it if you:
  • Really, truly, madly, deeply want to lose weight (but don’t know where to start).
  • Get bored (zzz) easily with the same, ‘ol workouts.
  • Don’t have a lot of time on your hands to workout.
  • Have an event coming up soon and you want to look bangin’.
  • Need quick results in order to stay motivated.
  • Just had a baby and want that body back ASAP.
  • Have anywhere from a FEW pounds to 100 pounds to lose.
(Healthy) Benefits

Joining the 21 Day Challenge is like joining a rowdy, motivated, supportive, hilarious family.

These 21 days are always the beautiful beginnings of friendships that last a lifetime. I’ve witnessed it every single time and it’s AMAZING.

Losing 5-15 lbs in 21 days and keeping it off

Creating habits that will last way, WAY beyond the 21 days

Heartbreakingly simple meal plans and 30 minute workouts

Bonuses and surprises along the way

An experienced, hardass coach who will keep you going

Did someone say
hardass coach?
That’s me, Andrea.

I’m the captain of this fitness ship (insert ship shape joke here). I come from a background of eating disorders so I’ve seen firsthand how being obsessive over every calorie can mess with your head.

This program alleviates the frustration of counting every single bite and replaces that with joy in creating a beautiful meal that you can enjoy—it removes the frustration and guilt and instead gives you confidence and excitement.

The 21 Day Challenge INCLUDES
  • barbellDaily Check-ins with your coach (that’s me!) – Valued at $100/hr
  • Virtual Support Group to have your back if you stumble…or start to think about the Q word (quitting). – Valued at $100/program
  • Fitness program with a crazy variety of workouts—from beginner to advanced. When I say anyone can do this I mean anyone can do this. – $60 value
  • 30 premium meal replacement shakes $130 value
  • Nutrition guide, meal plans and shopping lists so the FOOD is something you consume, not something that consumes you. – $19.95 value
  • Meal Plans and shopping lists to compliment 21 Day Fix nutrition plan – $75 value (must register by Mar 18)
  • First 20: Raffle ticket 3 Day Refresh $60 value
  • COACH surprise swag $75 value
  • 30 days free club membership with Beachbody On Demand, including world class fitness programs like P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire and more (AKA no more workout boredom). – $1500 value
all FOR JUST $160.

So how about we swap out panic for peace, perfectionism for practicality, and regret for results?

So you get up close and personal with your goals.

So you break YEARS of bad habits.

So you always look back on these 21 days as the moment that CHANGED EVERYTHING.

Your time is now. And I cannot wait to watch you surprise yourself.

Here are just a few of the incredible transformations
that have happened from this program
real success stories

After a miscarriage and the loss of my father in law, I turned to food and wine as comfort. This program + the support taught me HOW to eat and has helped me regain a little control in my life.

I never realized I had been “dieting” all wrong before… the 21 Day Fix is a life changer.



Beyond the 21 days, you can stay with us as long as you need, as long as you’re working we’ll keep the group open for you. Ready to unleash the woman you’ve always known you could be? (She’s definitely ready.)